God's Canvas

God's Canvas
Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.~~John 15:13

Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Winter Wish

A very dear and special friend of mine and I have long shared the opinion that January is the longest month of the year. Something I've noticed is that the older I become, the shorter January seems to be! And, I find myself at the end of another January in a new year and, before I can blink, it'll be Christmas again! I know...you say..."Bite your tongue," right? I don't really mind it being Christmas again. I love celebrating the season! I do enjoy the diversity offered at different times during the year and, although I live in a fairly seasonless climate, there are certain things that only certain seasons can offer.

One thing I especially miss is snow. I called home today and learned from my father and sister that they were getting anywhere from 6-12" of snow! Groan....I want snow cream and snow angels, and freezing toes too! Well, you won't believe this. Then again, you probably will. As you know, I am no technogenius. I feel certain you are learning this by the size of my photos and the fact that I have a blog that is scattered like autumn leaves (but that will improve...I promise). I began searching for On Demand movies on my cable box and discovered screen savers with snow scenes! Not only one...but two! I had hit pay dirt. Many scenes are offered, lasting approximately 20 minutes: a fire place ranking second only to the wintery scenes with snow falling softly over wooded areas...mmmmmmmmmm...I was home once more! Of course, I snuggled under my fleece throw that I adore and positioned my head just right on the pillow to enjoy the "snow," and soon began to watch the inside of my eyelids. No worry, though...I have my trusty "wintery scenes" to welcome me back at any time of my choosing...even when it's July and with a 100+ degree heat index!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

YO-YO Diet 100% wool yarn

As you know, one of the blogs and links posted here is for http://www.darngoodyarn.com/.  I knitted this scarf out of the YO-YO Diet, thick and thin, 100% wool yarn.  This became what is one of the most amazingly warm scarves I've ever had the pleasure to place around my neck.  Although I did not keep the scarf, I admire the comfort and warmth of it, and I highly recommend it to anyone who knits and crochets!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Good Morning!
This is a much better week, and I find myself trying new knitting stitches/patterns, which is always a boost to my morale!

I've posted a few more blogs that I realize are very popular and likely nothing new to you, but if you browse this blog and find at least one that brings you joy...then it will have been worth the research!

Thanks for being my reader and giving me the chance to share my life with you. I hope you have had a chance to donate your support to the recovery efforts in Haiti. What an overwhelming event...catastrophic to say the least...and how thankful I am to be here tonight, writing from my computer desk in a quilting studio that is glorious. I am blessed beyond measure...and I hope and pray that you are as well!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday night, January 24, 2010

This week has brought some unexpected stuff into my life, but with the time away from the computer, I have had a chance to hone my knitting skills...yay! Knitting is scary to me mainly because I do not understand how to correct a dropped stitch. If I understood how to fix this problem, I think my anxieties about knitting would disappear like a nice thin vapor. I keep thinking I'll find someone here in Podunk to help me with this, but finding a knitter here is (and please pardon the pun) is like locating a needle in a haystack. I knitted an approximately 6 x 4" swatch of stockinette with some acrylic yarn, and it actually was flawless this time. I was able to bind it off. I want to keep this and put it on my inspiration wall in my studio. This will keep my mind open to new adventures in knitting. I also attempted a pair of easy knitted booties, but didn't have the correct sized knitting needle for the project. I used a size smaller of DPNs, which was the closest number I had at the time. They actually turned out okay, not worthy of giving away, and way too much smaller (preemie) sized than I would like to give to someone. But, I saved that bootie, mistakes and all, so that I may learn from the experience and hopefully use the experience for future endeavors. One thing is for sure...I will not give up hope! I am not a master crocheter by any stretch of the imagination, but I am a moderately good crocheter, which came from years of practice and dedication to new ideas and books, Internet access to hundreds of free patterns and many ideas, as well as watching programs on PBS, such as Knit and Crochet Today. What a wonderful show, and so very informative, taking the fear out of many things such as knitted cables, crocheting in the round and knowing exactly where to put a marker, versus guessing. So, the silver lining in my cloud this weekend was that my infirmities allowed me some down time, and a good chance to experiment with things I've considered for a long time but never found the time to attempt.

I have added a new blog or two in recent days, so be sure to check them out.

I hope you all had an equally wonderful weekend and that your upcoming week is filled with blessings! Until next time...happy stitching!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday Post

It's pretty late on Tuesday night and I've had some thoughts...sometimes pretty heavy...running through this blonde head for a few days. Haiti has me so saddened, and yet I know that God is going to help these people...has helped them...and I thank the Lord every day that I am aware of the blessings He has given me. Second only to the fact that this horrible disaster has taken place, I am saddened mostly by the fact that my health doesn't permit me to go and minister to this country. They are in need...such great need...of love. I have cried out in my prayers for them! I believe that this world has come together during this tragedy moreso than any other disaster in the history of man, at least from my viewpoint and what I see on television. I see many countries offering help that I would never have dreamed would come to the aid of Haiti. I've got friends who are merchant marines and their boats are heading for Haiti, bypassing some formerly planned ports. Amazing! This is the kind of love we're supposed to show for one another. My next prayer would be that this love for one another continue past the sadness of this disaster and into the future. Peace be still. I know God rejoices today to see His children banding together.

Exciting news! I actually have a follower!!! Thanks, Breezy. You're the best! I haven't really alerted many friends to the fact that I have a blog. I really haven't even told many family members. I just needed to get myself together and hopefully create some dialogue that would not have readers yawning by the third sentence. That'll take a while. Please forgive me!

My plans for the future are to include projects and patterns, and of course I'll keep sharing my heart with you. I spend quite a bit of time alone, so it will be nice to sit here and "talk" to you on a regular basis. Please, let me hear from you if you have things you'd like to share or post. I'm open to your ideas.

Okay...time for some more research and education on all things "blog." Nite nite!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Help for Haiti

One of the links and blogs I love is from the www.darngoodyarn.com site on my blog post. Nicole, the owner of this fine business, is offering 5% of every sale of premium recycled silk yarn as a donation to the Red Cross. Please...reach deeply within your hearts and pockets to help the desperate nation of Haiti!

As an aside, Nicole is an amazing philanthropist in that she donates yarn to good causes (read her blog). I know, because she has helped me immensely with the scarves I have knitted for the ladies of the City Rescue Mission. Additionally, she purchases her yarns from countries where women are not exploited, but rather helped. Her blog is fascinating and filled with gorgeous yarns and products from all over the world, and information on her platform to help other women. Get a good cup of whatever makes you happy and check out her website and blog!

Friday Blog

Finally...I have attempted to start my own blog. I am not a technogenius, but I can read, so I figured I may as well try this on for size. There are so many...literally hundreds...of blogs I adore and I wondered what in the world I was thinking. Then, it occurred to me that it might be fun to share ideas, blogs I admire, thoughts, crafts, recipes, music, patterns...life. Not an original thought, but one that justified me starting this blog...at least for me.

What I have to say may not necessarily be verbose each time I post, but it is sincere. I hope that everyone reading this receives a blessing. Have an awesome weekend!!