God's Canvas

God's Canvas
Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.~~John 15:13

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Miracles and other things on the horizon

I went to see the vascular surgeon yesterday.  He explained to me that I had experienced a pulmonary embolism and lived without the aid of blood thinners...pretty much unheard of.  He also said that I was the only patient in his entire medical history who ever experienced this without the aid of blood thinners and lived to tell about it.  He then went on to tell me I was lucky to be alive.  I had to tell him that it wasn't luck, it was God!  There is no way I can sit here in the wee hours like this and not give God the glory, honor and praise for saving my life...thank you, Lord!!!

My sister arrives tomorrow from New Jersey.  She will get a little break from the snow and shoveling.  It will be in the 70's while she's here, and that delights my soul!  My husband is going to Naples, Italy on Saturday, and he felt I should have someone with me while he's gone in case this clot decides to travel any more, which is highly unlikely.  I guess it just eases his mind to know I'm not alone in his absence.  I am never alone, though....as I have a Comforter, the Holy Spirit, to accompany me through my day!

I have been knitting away.  Georgia's scarf is now over 30 inches in length!  Only 54 more inches to go!  Yay!  The completed scarf will have over 15,000 stitches in it.  I think that is amazing.

I am going to pick up my sister in the morning, and then we are off to my orthopedic surgeon's office for me to speak with him about the DVT, and address this horrible pain that is in my left ankle. I am so hoping it wll not be a surgial issue.  I spend half of my life waiting, but I have no choice.  The doctor is afraid of putting me in the operating room this close to a DVT and pulmonary embolism.  I agree with him and admire his candor in telling me how close to death I could be in a surgical situation, and also that he is planning on waiting six months before even considering the surgery.  He has never lost a patient to a blood clot in his life and I don't think he wants me to be the first loss.  Neither do I.

I wish you all happiness and fun this weekend, and I encourage you to tell people you love them, smile often, speak to a stranger with kindness, and love like there will be no tomorrow.  I know I am going to practice this advice because I was closer to death than ever before, and I value having the opportunity to improve someone else's day.  I'm starting with you...you are all amazing, and I appreciate your reading my blog and being my friend!  God bless you!