God's Canvas

God's Canvas
Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.~~John 15:13

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Friday Night, February 5, 2010

I'd say this has been a long week.  I had a few medical appointments, and most yielded good results.  This is so tiring, though, and I will be happy after May 3rd, when I find myself recovering from knee surgery and hopefully gaining a new thread in this life of mine!

I have an issue with Wal-Mart.  Two years ago...maybe three...the powers-that-be for Walmart decided to remove fabric from their stores...not all of them at once, but certainly the one in our one-horse town.  I am not a fabric snob, but I must confess that I use only heirloom-quality fabric in my quilts.  My rationale for that is, if I am going to spend hours creating something that may possibly last a century, why would I put anything less in my quilts that heirloom quality fabrics?  Yet, when I need to throw together the occasional craft project, I enjoy having the choice of spending less on the fabric.  Consequently, I used to go toodling off to Wal-Mart, but not any more...oh no...this isn't possible because some executive with cranial flatulence decided to remove all of the fabric and most of the yarn from their craft department.  There was one redeeming factor:  fabric would remain in a store about 25 minutes from my house for "about six years."   I received a generous gift card for Walmart this Christmas and decided that, since I was in that area tonight, I would go over to purchase some fabric.  I arrive there limping, with the lovely sciatica that decided to take up residence in my right leg three days ago, to the back of the store only to find that the fabric was gone!  Rage is not something I often afford myself as an emotion, but I could sense my blood pressure rising.  There was no warning...no newspaper announcement, nothing.  To top this, the yarn supply was actually smaller than the one in my local Walmart, so at this point I was bordering on feeling livid.  I did not allow these emotions to overcome me, however it was not the easiest thing I've ever done to resist the temptation to let out a good primal scream smack dab in the middle of the store!  I somehow doubt that I'd have been heard over the screams of the unsupervised children that seem to set the stage for "Fridays At Walmart."  I ended up purchasing a Valentine card and a bead board, and limped out of Walmart with a lot less enthusiasm than upon my arrival, feeling my dignity bruised because I went that far to buy their less than optimum fabric.

Perhaps next week's events will yield a happier post for Friday night.  Hope springs eternal!

I am hoping to make it to an Alpaca Expo.  In addition to seeing the Alpaca's, there will be yarn vendors there and perhaps even a few spinners who might shed some light on that intriguing craft.  I'll keep you informed.  Here's their link in case you'd like info on the show:  http://www.flalpacas.com/

Have a wonderful weekend!

Here's a photo of my Christmas Village for 2009