God's Canvas

God's Canvas
Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.~~John 15:13

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Finally...an update!

You have been so patient with me, and I appreciate it. These past few weeks have been a trial to say the least, and there are more doctors getting involved over this little blood clot than I could ever have imagined! I am on blood thinners and that has been an eye-opener, especially with my diet. I have to pretty much eat the same foods and amounts of them every day, or it can affect the Coumadin levels in my blood. The good thing is that it makes me want to eat healthier. The one thing that patients on blood thinners must avoid is foods rich in vitamin K. I knew this before with my medical background, but what I didn't know is that one may ingest foods rich in vitamin K as long as these foods are eaten pretty much on a daily basis and one does not deviate from that eating schedule. That's good news for my brother and step-father who had their aortic valve replaced several years ago.

I am probably going to be absent more than present in the coming weeks, but hopefully this clot will dissolve and I'll be good as new in a few weeks. Let's pray...okay? I have been knitting and Georgia's scarf has grown leaps and bounds! I have nearly finished her daughter's scarf too. Yay! Then, I will start on Jon's, who is Georgia's son. In the meantime, there is a wedding and a few babies being born, so I may have to sideline a couple of quick gifts in that regard. That will keep me entertained!

My sister visited me and stayed for nearly three weeks while my husband toured Italy. She was here long enough for me to teach her how to knit on a kntting loom, and really loved it! I sort of thought she would because she likes to do latch hook rugs. I sent a loom to her home upon her departure so that she can have one of her own and begin making some blankets, scarves, etc.  Her projects are only limited by her imagination.

I am going to post a new website and blog with this post.  I was looking around for a baby bootie and sweater pattern when I ran across a site that makes acrylic eyes for Amigurumi figures. This site is called "Suncatcher Eyes." These little eyes are the most beautiful, haunting things I've ever seen to be used as eyes on critter projects.  While perusing this site, lovingly created by a nice person named Michelle, I discovered free crochet patterns for enchanting little Amigurumi creatures. The eyes are really what give them their personalities. The boundaries are endless in terms of creativity, so I encourage you to visit her site and purchase the eyes she makes. You won't be sorry, especially if you enjoy creating little "babies" for your children or grandchildren, or even a niece, nephew or cousin! Let me know what you think.  My mom used to tell me that the eyes are the windows of the soul.  Seeing these creations makes me think of that phrase.

I will keep this shorter than usual tonight, as I am growing tired and need to get some rest. Thank you all for reading my blog, for being patient, and for tolerating my lack at this time. I promise to make it up to you when I have recovered. I won't be having knee surgery until some time in September now that the clot is present, so I have some time to research and share sites, patterns, etc. Until next time, be blessed!