God's Canvas

God's Canvas
Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.~~John 15:13

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I know it seems I keep repeating myself regarding the lapse of time between new posts, but life keeps getting in the way of my wanting to sit and write something meaningful, reflective, fun, and informative.  I may not hit on all of those topics, but I do try.  To me, this is my communication to you, and I take it personally.  Therefore, the posts may be further apart than I would prefer, as I would like to do it daily, or at least weekly, but right now it seems I'm destined to just be here when I'm here.  Make sense?  I hope so.  I would truly rather there be some content than just a bunch of meaningless, forgotten words to you.  You are that important to me!

Let's see if I can catch you up on my ever-so-exciting life!!!  LOL!!!  My husband returned from a 26-day stay in Diego Garcia, a tiny little island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, some 16,451 miles from here!  I have to say that his being away was a true learning experience for me.  What I mean is that I learned a lot about myself in that I am capable of more than I realize at times.  Having a bum right leg and a very incooperative left foot/ankle, ambulating has not been my favorite activity of late.  However, when there's only you, then you do what you must.  While I tried to schedule my walking for the minimal route, there were times when I walked further than I knew I could.  The pain was the price, but I had no choice.  Again...there was only me...and the Lord.  He is the One who brought me through this, and strengthened and enlightened me regarding my ability to handle life without a daily partner doing the grunt work.  Wow...did I ever appreciate Tom more when he returned home!

Tom returned on the 1st of July and had the remnants of a wisdom tooth removed the next day, and I also visited the rheumatologist that same day to determine the type of arthritis my body seems to embrace.  Tom's tooth was a remnant because he had the dentist on the island attempt to remove the tooth.  She was not an oral surgeon and shouldn't have attempted to remove a wisdom tooth, for she was not properly trained to treat a patient with a tooth that can break off at the root during removal.  But, the truth is, she did do it and he walked around with this root in his jaw for about nine days.  Tom got along fine until his return.  The root removal was a breeze and the post-op course unremarkable.  God is so good!!!

Tom's middle son arrived from North Carolina the very next day with his family of five.  They stayed for five days and we enjoyed our time with them.  This was somewhat all-consuming in that it was difficult to do much else and I was too tired to write, so I am glad to say that today affords me a little time to update the blog and at least let you know I havent' abandoned you.
In the meantime, I have had several family birthdays which of course necessitates the knitting and/or crochet needles to come out so that I can make something "homemade" for them.  I have often made hand-made items for them, as they seem to like it, and I love doing it!  It keeps me sane.  The following is my latest baby ensemble, which is for my next-door neighbor's new granddaughter, Hailie.  I decided to use yellow yarn this time.  Hailie is a little "California girl," and yellow seemed very fitting for her.

As you can see, I chose black ribbons for embellishment, and I crocheted a pansy, without a pattern, because I had no pattern to follow.  I just began crocheting and prayed a lot!  This is what I got:

This photo (taken with a cell phone) doesn't really compliment the true colors used for the pansy, but I chose black yarn and yellow cotton thread to make the flower.

The back of the dress was detailed with a little white button for closure (I couldn't find black buttons) and a black bow to match the bow on the front of the dress, as well as the bows on the hat and booties.

I suspect her mother will send a photo of little Hailie donning this ensemble, and when she does so I will share it with you. 
My garden continues to thrive, and a couple of things have been added:  a hydrangea from my friend, Faye, which has yet to be planted because I cannot decide the perfect spot for it.  Right now, it is loving the front yard because it gets morning sun and evening shade.  She gave me some cuttings from her other hydrangeas, which are currently being rooted in my front yard garden too.  We'll see how that goes.  I added some petunias and portulaca to my front porch planter, which is nice and colorful (purple, white and yellow--happy colors).

My newest prize, though, is the "bleeding heart" that Faye also shared with me from her garden last year.  She gave me a cutting last summer, which I never planted.  I kept it alive all winter in water and planted it in a pot this spring.  It is gorgeous!  Making this all the more special is the fact that the cuttings came from her father's plant.  She, like me, is a total daddy's girl, so we share lots of things regarding fathers and gardens.
This is a close-up of the full bloom of the bleeding heart:

The plant is hanging full of these blooms and it is a delight!  Every time I approach our front porch, I marvel at its beauty!!!

I don't have a recent photo (this was taken a couple of weeks ago), but it is now about four feet tall and hanging full of these gorgeous blooms!  I think I will plant it in front of my living room window, as it will eventually require a trellis and provide me with much beauty through the entire summer!
I do have a better camera with which to take photos, but being digital and barely used, it requires a new battery in order for me to use it.  I am blessed in that my husband usually gives me his hand-me-down camera when he buys a new one.  This hand-me-down camera is no slouch!  I just need to get my confidence up to a point where I believe in myself enough to use it.  When I do, I promise you better photos.
Finally, here is an aerial view of my shamrock, which is faring quite well in spite of the heat.

I'll be adding a few new websites and/or blogs for you.  I hope that you'll enjoy them as much as I have and find inspiration in your creativity.

I wish you joy, peace, happiness, goodness, and kindness!  It is a privilege to write about my life, mostly to share it with you...my on line friends...who are gracious enough to read my blog.  I have a lot of things planned for the blog that will have to come later, but once I have had the necessary surgeries to heal my knee and foot, I'll be good as new!  I am praying for all of you!